The Spiritual Practice of Mono-tasking

We live in a world where multitasking is not only encouraged, but rewarded. And I've fallen into that, taking pride in how many different activities I can juggle at once. But it's a false reality. It's really more like, “look at how many things that I can do at the same time while doing them all halfway or badly.”

How many of you are multi-task masters, yet never seem to finish anything, or if you do finish something, it's just sort of meh? Let's see some hands.

The most important thing that I have learned these past 6 months during my COVID artist residency is that I don't have to juggle every ball put in front of me! I repeat: I don't have to juggle every ball put in front of me. This is a very important lesson.

The main result of this is that I have finished more projects that I really am proud of and believe in than I have in a long time. The reason for this is that I've done them one-at-a-time. I stopped juggling multiple projects and focused on a single one where I could give it my quality time and attention. And this made all the difference. It also made completing things faster, because I wasn't always being sidetracked by something else I had going on.

The 1st project finished was my long promised gong book. It's just been edited and I am going to dive in for a 1st rewrite based on the editing suggestions.

The 2nd project was my new music album, The Sea We Swim In. This was 2 months of solid work, putting in 5-10 hour days. I couldn't have done it if I was always jumping off to work on other projects.

The 3rd project is a 2nd book based on my studies of time (those at the Gong Summit in 2019 got a preview of things). This is a bit different, as it is based upon my ongoing research, so I haven't worked on it steadily. I have set a tentative finish date for spring 2021. It's very intense, so I can only work on so much at a time because I need to spin things around in my brain box for a while to make sure I can clearly articulate them for the reader.

The 4th project is another album of music. I have 4 completed tracks, but they are diverse and will most likely end up as single tracks or part of different projects.

Between all this, and related to my recordings, I have been studying composition, arranging and music production in order to create music vastly different than what I have created before. I am satisfied that I have succeeded and want to keep expanding this. As a side note, the music I am currently creating is directly related to (and influenced by) my studies of time and the book I'm writing. So the things I do are all interrelated, which is as it should be, because I do believe that all is one and one is all.

In working mainly on one project at a time, I have been able to make it my meditation, my spiritual practice. And most importantly, I have had a lot of fun. More fun than I have had while trying to juggle multiple projects at the same time. I like that and want more of that.

How have you spent the past 6 months?

How has it changed both you, and the way you do things?

Where are you going from here?

 ~ MB

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