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Stay Calm And Don't Panic

Stay Calm And Don't Panic Things don't always work out in an artistic life. There are often roadblocks on the journey, both real and imagined. Try as you might to keep a spiritual ideal, these things can send you into panic mode . Your adrenaline kicks in and the fight or flight reflex appears. At times like these, it's easy to let your emotions, fueled by the adrenaline, get the best of you. It's important to remember to stay calm. Shit Happens My wife and I were driving to a recent gig that was 90 miles away. We had gone only about 15 miles when we reached a point where the west bound lanes of the highway were closed due to a tragic fatal car crash. Everything came to a halt.  Sometimes we just sat, unmoving, for minutes. We had no idea as to how long the detour would take.   I could feel myself tensing and panic mode creeping up on me: “We're going to be very late!”  All the traffic was being rerouted, with 3 busy highway lanes of vehicles being diverted on