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Sometimes The Only One You Can Trust Is Yourself

It's important to have teachers, gurus, and other figures in your life. They can help us along the path, often clarifying things we don't understand, or imparting needed knowledge for our journey. In the past, especially in more traditional societies, you stuck with your teacher/guru no matter what. It was often a life long commitment. But what happens when those we follow lose their way?  What happens when we change and are no longer aligned with their teachings? What of all the time and effort we may have put into their teachings? Sometimes we need to move on, as it's time to follow our own path. Even  though we may have put in years as a follower or devotee, we need to listen to the voice inside ourselves. This doesn't negate the things we have learned, or the time spent. Every life experience is valuable if it helps us learn, grow, and move further along the path.  Teachers are important, but sometimes the only one you can trust is yourself.  ~ MB Y