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Everything changes, nothing remains without change

The title, "Everything changes, nothing remains without change" , is a quote attributed to the Buddha. And so it is that our world is made of impermanence. There have been changes in my life since the whole Covid lockdown, one of which is letting my old blogs go. Over the course of 11 years, I wrote and published 730 posts across 4 different blogs!  That's a lot of writing.  That's a lot of transmission and communication.  That's a major part of my life. But that was then, the past. Today, new shoots have sprouted from the seeds that I planted. My YouTube channel is going strong, with a weekly video. And I have recently moved my efforts to Patreon , where I have a new blog , exclusive videos, exclusive audio, Zoom calls, and other transmissions based around my work as a writer and musician. If you've read any of these blogs here, then you know what I'm all about, so I invite you to meet me over on Patreon, where I can actually get paid something for all t