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The Spiritual Practice of Mono-tasking

We live in a world where multitasking is not only encouraged, but rewarded. And I've fallen into that, taking pride in how many different activities I can juggle at once. But it's a false reality. It's really more like, “look at how many things that I can do at the same time while doing them all halfway or badly.” How many of you are multi-task masters, yet never seem to finish anything, or if you do finish something, it's just sort of meh ? Let's see some hands. The most important thing that I have learned these past 6 months during my COVID  artist residency is that I don't have to juggle every ball put in front of me! I repeat:  I don't have to juggle every ball put in front of me . This is a very important lesson. The main result of this is that I have finished more projects that I really am proud of and believe in than I have in a long time. The reason for this is that I've done them one-at-a-time. I stopped juggling multiple projects and focused o