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What is Art as A Spiritual Practice?

I'm not one for labels, because I see the Universe as fluid: what was yesterday, might be different today and tomorrow. Our lives are one long, changing journey. Think of yourself at 18, and then think of yourself now. Is there a difference in what you believe in? In how you think? In how you react to the world around you? In what your goals and ambitions are? The world is not static, unless we allow it to be.  What is  Art as A Spiritual Practice ? Definitions. They can be fluid also. How do I, or you, define a spiritual practice? Spiritual doesn't need to be connected to a religion or any sort of deities. In a grand sense, spirituality is an awe about just being here. It's also a search for meaning and understanding of being here. Further, it's a search for connection: how do we fit into all of this?   How does art fit into all of this? I see my art as a  search for meaning and understanding. I also see it as a search for a connection to the Universe. Thes

All Things Must Come From A Beginning

In the past 5 years I have had 3 blogs and written nearly 550 blog posts. One blog I retired at 150 posts, because I said all I had to say. 2 other blogs– The Way of the Gong ™, and Percussion Deconstruction ™–are still going strong.  So why start another blog? While most everyone knows me as a long time musician, most people don't know that I've been a writer longer than being a musician. In fact, I've been a writer since I first learned to put together words in elementary school. So it's a very big part of me. I've been a professional writer, meaning I got paid, since 1983 when I wrote my 1st piece for MODERN DRUMMER magazine. Since then, I've written hundreds of magazine articles, as well as published various books. So while my other 2 blogs are about my musical ideas and endeavors, this one will be about that gray area at the intersection of art and life.  Art as A Spiritual Practice Art is life Life is art This blog will also be a