All Things Must Come From A Beginning

In the past 5 years I have had 3 blogs and written nearly 550 blog posts. One blog I retired at 150 posts, because I said all I had to say. 2 other blogs–The Way of the Gong™, and Percussion Deconstruction™–are still going strong. 

So why start another blog?

While most everyone knows me as a long time musician, most people don't know that I've been a writer longer than being a musician. In fact, I've been a writer since I first learned to put together words in elementary school. So it's a very big part of me. I've been a professional writer, meaning I got paid, since 1983 when I wrote my 1st piece for MODERN DRUMMER magazine. Since then, I've written hundreds of magazine articles, as well as published various books.

So while my other 2 blogs are about my musical ideas and endeavors, this one will be about that gray area at the intersection of art and life. 

Art as A Spiritual Practice

Art is life
Life is art

This blog will also be a bit different, as I'm actually writing it for myself, in order to explore that connection between art and life. First up is asking the question,

What is Art as A Spiritual Practice?

I invite you to come along, if you are so inclined, and we can explore this together.

~ MB


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