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To Thine Own Self Be True

As an artist, it's often difficult to keep to your vision. Everyday we are pulled away in different directions. We are bombarded with all manner of suggestions and advice: “Do this if you want to make more money,” or, “Do that if you want to be more famous.” Every internet guru has something to sell you to make your career better . And it's not just the internet, but friends and family too. While they may be well meaning (or not), they will often go out of their way to offer unsolicited suggestions on our artistic endeavors. It's easy to feel like we are being tugged in a thousand directions, so much so that we can't focus on our art. Practicing the Sacred What's an artist to do? The first thing to do is not to listen to advice or suggestions unless you've asked for them. And even if you ask for advice, you need to weigh the merits of the advice given, vs what you know to be true about your art. We are deep inside what we do. Everyone else if far ou