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Less Can Really Be More

It's a bit of a trite old saying, Less is more , but as you mature and move through different eras of your art and life, you may come to a place where that really rings true. I know I have. And it's only recently that I have come to that conclusion. I'd love to be able to live to be 150, merely because I have so many ideas in my head that I would need that much time to do them, and to do all the new ones I would come up with. Recently I've been running around frantically working on this, working on that, and planning the next thing. I found that as much as I love what I'm doing, I wasn't having much fun. Part of that comes down to living in the future and not the present moment, enjoying what I'm doing as I do it. The other part is just having too many ideas for things and not effectively picking out the most important ones to do. Managing My Ideas It's so easy to get caught up in the idea of always doing . The whole of Western society is built upo