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The Introvert Artist

Where do I start? Being an introvert and a performing artist is a weird sort of mixture. While I love performing, there are times I just don't want to venture out of my front door. I o ften   find it difficult to face a crowd, face all the noise, face all the things about having to be social with people. It's not that I dislike people, it's more that I can easily become overwhelmed by crowds and the inherent energy they have. This is a reason I rarely go to concerts in arenas or stadiums. I usually find the whole experience overwhelming. In fact, I tend to avoid most events with large crowds. The exception the exception to this is when I'm performing. In a strange sort of way, performing is my element. And most importantly, I'm in control of my little space. When I'm up there, there is only me. There could be a million people out there , but I am alone. I rarely look at the audience, mainly because I am concentrating on what I'm doing in my own world.