An Important Update

You might be asking yourself (or maybe not), “We're in this quarantine and Michael isn't gigging, so why haven't there been any blog posts? He's got plenty of time to write something.” 

That's a legitimate question. All 3 of my blogs have been sitting quietly for a bit, while so many other people have jumped into producing blogs, podcasts, and general video mayhem. The internet's bandwidth is choked with everyone going online, because they can't do anything live. So what have I been doing?

Well, I did make 1 YouTube video, more as an experiment than anything. I've slowly been rebuilding my home studio after having gear sitting in boxes for months because I was always gone off somewhere gigging. I'm planning on doing more videos and some teaching online soon.

Right, here's my latest video. I was improvising 
with new instruments and some electronics.

Another aspect of this is that by letting everyone else jump into producing things for the web, they've worked all the bugs out! Friends have graciously stepped in and told me what to do and how to set up things for optimum results, because they've figured it out. While I'm a tech nerd, I just can't be nerdy about every aspect of computers and musical tech, so I appreciate the tips and help I've been getting. Besides, I've been very deep into other things.

“What things,” you ask? Well, I've been writing like a maniac and have so far written 1 complete book and am ⅓ of the way through another. The 1st book is complete and is now having the first draft edited. So it's in the process of what will likely be multiple revisions until it suites everybody and can be released.  The 2nd book is a bit more intense, with a lot of reading and research, and makes we wish I was in a doctoral program because it might turn out to be a half decent dissertation when I finish it!

“So what are the details?” Well, I'm not really ready to reveal anything yet—sorry. I don't even have a definite title for either book. And because everything is ongoing, it could all change direction as I move forward. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to have one book out in late summer/early fall, and the other in winter. We'll see how that goes.

And if that isn't enough, I've been writing a new album and looking to record it. And as things in my life go, new factors have entered the picture which has shifted the original ideas into something a bit different. Perhaps it will end up being 2 different albums (that seems to be a theme here).

And then there's that project my wife and I are working on. More on that later.

And these blogs, I do miss writing for them, but I can only write so much at a time. I may try to drop in a few things here and there when time suits, as I do have a lot of notes and ideas for posts. But I really need to finish these books.

So thanks for your patience (I'm assuming that people are still here checking for new content), a lot of things are happening here and you will all find out about them soon.

Stay safe & be well!

~ MB


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