Wherever You Are is the Path

Both in our artistic and spiritual practices, it's easy to sometimes look at our lives and ask, “Why am I here?” And it's also easy to chastise ourselves for being where we are. “You're a failure” may come to mind, as you survey being stuck in what you perceive as a dead end, a mistake, or an opportunity lost. But is it really?

Being an artist can be a very myopic situation. We may just look at ourselves and where we are, then compare it to other artists that we feel are successful and ahead of us. But it's too easy to look at a successful artist and only see them as their current success. We either don't look at, or ignore, all the same types of struggles they went through to become the success they are in our eyes.

Everybody struggles.
Everybody hits dead ends. 
Everybody has projects fail. 

The key is to realize that these are all part of your path. They are not separate. 

Wherever you are is the Path.

There is nothing that isn't the Path. But the Path isn't good or bad—it just is. We assign good or bad to it. So it's all a matter of perception. When we struggle or fail, we need to recognize it as a part of our artistic spiritual process. We need to acknowledge it and then keep moving on our path. 

Sometimes the path is very dark and we don't know where we are heading, but it's important to know that if we keep on the path, we will eventually come out into the light. It might be in places unexpected. It might be in the opposite direction. But it might also lead to inspiration, success and someplace we could not have found any other way.

Remember, there is no path and everything is the path…

~ MB

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