Walking. Just Walking.

Too often, I think that people expect anything spiritual to be amazing, larger than life. They expect it to be like being struck by lightning—some sort of big flash and then your life is changed forever. But it's rarely like that. Yes, while there can be spiritual ecstasy, most spiritual breakthroughs are rather ordinary. 

My teacher, Singal Rinpoche, has a favorite saying, “You must strive to become enlightened everyday,” because even after you attain enlightenment, that is only in that present moment. You go on with your day, live your life, and the next day it starts all over again, even the enlightenment. So some days we are enlightened, and some days we are not.

As artists, we need to realize that some days we will create great art, and on others, not so great art. We get up in the morning, go about our work, go to sleep at night, then get up and repeat it all again. Some days will be amazing. Some will be ordinary. Yet we still get up each morning. But that is the point, and, the amazing part. We keep going. 

Art is hard. But art without thought and meaning is even harder. 

One day out walking with Singal Rinpoche, I asked him what we were doing, expecting some great lesson or inspiration. “Walking. Just walking,” he replied casually. And so we were.

Sometimes just walking is enough.

~ MB 


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