Art and Practice as Potential

The seed worries not what it becomes, it just becomes. - Singal Rinpoche

Photo by ACI Limited
Potential. We all have it. We are all born with it. But as artists, we tend to cultivate it more than others. For what is our yet to be produced work, but potential. 

The key to using our potential is to invite it in, to make friends with it. Too often we become frightened of the what if and chase it away.

What if I was successful?
What if I was creative?
What if I was open to my own inner thoughts and imagination?

What if we made potential a daily part of our practice? Potential is the seed of creation that we plant in the fertile ground of our minds. But like an actual seed, it needs to be tended, nurtured, in order to bear fruit. 

As part of our daily practice, we should meditate each morning on our potential for the day. Think about what we are going to work on and where we are going to take it. Keep it in our minds, water it with our thoughts, nourish it with work throughout the day. Try this for one week, one month and see how your creativity grows. 

Be the seed.

~ MB


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