Art And Practice As Expression

Who is the Real You?

Are you being your authentic self? Are you creating art that represents that self? Some of the best advice I've ever gotten as a writer is, write the book you want to read. Think about that.

Write the book you want to read

It's so simple and can apply to any artistic practice: dance the dance you want to dance, paint the picture you want to see, write the song you want to hear, etc. 

This idea is great if you have no idea of what to do. Ask yourself, “What would I want to read/listen to/watch/etc?” Most of us probably have a list of things that we wish someone else had written, recorded, filmed, etc. Look at that list and find something that YOU could do.

I've always been a writer, since I was a little kid. But my “professional” writing career started after I read a magazine article and said to my wife, “I could write better than this.” Here response was, “Then why don't you?” I then put together a set of proposals and sent them off to that magazine. This lead to writing for a variety of music magazines world wide. It also read to writing various books. All of this from wanting to read something and then writing it.

Expressing yourself is a key part to the Practice

Why be somebody else? Why spend your life copying others instead of following your own path? Making Art your Spiritual Practice allows you to open up and release the creativity inside you.

Isn't it about time you did just that?

~ MB


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