Going Deeper

There has never been a time like today, when human beings have had so much choice in things to do. It’s also never been easier to become a jack of all trades, master of none. Besides the ubiquitous internet, we have a myriad of distractions in video games, cable TV/Netflix, recorded music of every type imaginable, books and magazines (both in print and digital), and a pace of living that has often become more of a competition to get as much done before you die, than it really is a life to live and enjoy.

We are drowning in an age of information. Even just 100 years ago, there was so much less to do, so much less assaulting our brains and senses. We live in large communities and cities, yet we don't even know our neighbors. We are connected, yet not connected.

This is where your Practice comes in

I came across this article about Going Deeper, Not Wider. Please take a minute to read it before continuing here.

Going deeper, this is what Art As A Spiritual Practice is all about. It's about going deeper every day, going deeper as a way of life, cutting out the distractions that are knocking on your door, and just focusing on what you really want, what you really are.

I should talk. I could be the poster child for distracted persons. I have more projects and ideas in my head, and written down on to do lists, than I can ever finish in a lifetime. There are so many things that I want to do, but realize they would take me from other things. I've had to make some difficult decisions and say no to things that I really, really, would like to learn and spend time with. This is all because I know that if I spent more time with B, I would have less time with A.

Today, it's so easy to be distracted, to jump into something new, only to abandon it for something else new. In the new year, 2018, think about going deeper in your spiritual practice. Whatever art you do, really put the time into it. Give it your full attention. And when the difficult or boring times come, give it even more attention. I know, when things get boring, it's so easy to just jump into something else (hello Facebook and social media!), but stick with it and work your way through the boring, because on the other side is something so worth it.

Go deeper
Go further
Go richer
Go longer
Go more intense

Go deeper next year, next month, tomorrow, right now. Make deeper your practice.

~ MB


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