Small Gestures

Our society is obsessed with size. The bigger the better. And when it comes to art, the grand gesture seems to be the only one that is noticed. It's gotten to the point where everyone is competing to out do everyone else.




I find myself inhabiting the other side of the spectrum. I've always been interested in small gestures. I love the microcosm. In music, I love the small sounds, the ones most people don't notice. I love when things subtly change. The same in literature. I love the subtle meanings behind words and phrases. It's the same in nature, like the beauty of a single leaf or flower. 

It's also the same for me with spirituality. I like the simple things, like a single breath, or the sun shining through clouds. 

A Sense of Unification

I used to do my art.

I used to practice my spirituality.

Then I realized they were one in the same. And my genuine expression of my spirituality was through my art. They are really one in the same.

I've always had a difficult time with meditation. For me, sitting in Zazen, or  just sitting still, trying to focus my mind has never felt right. I long ago discovered that I'm better at some sort of active meditation, like walking, writing, or playing music. If the idea of meditation is to open up your mind/spirit to all possibilities, then these activities do it for me.

I get my best ideas walking. My mind seems to connect with an outside source and draws upon the knowledge and information contained within it. I love walking in big cities, feeling the energy, drawing from it, feeding my creativity. I'm always taking photos. As a visual person, I use these photos as a reference point when I work on other art forms. In fact, music is a visual art form to me, as I see the rhythms and vibrations both in my mind, and in front of me in the real world.

Driving is another meditation. I love driving by myself on long trips. In fact, one of the best things about touring around with my music, is the drive between cities. I prefer to take the back roads and scenic routes if time allows. I love to feel the energy of the land and vegetation. And I also love the visual stimulation. I often stop to take photos, to captures moments for use later.

Small gestures

If you want to experience art as a spiritual practice, look for the small gestures. Look for the little things you do in your life that make the biggest impact on your art and how you feel.

~ MB


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